Until Arcturus

UNTIL ARCTURUS is a documentary short about a woman who sees the world through the eyes of her alien family while trying to live out her truth in the undeniable energy of Sedona, Arizona. Anita Owens' award-winning UFO tours, ghost tours, vortex tours and psychic readings have earned her high respect in Sedona but not without generating harsh criticism from some, based on her unique beliefs. What draws people to this seemingly mystical, sleepy town? Some believe it’s the stunning red rock formations and the unusually calming atmosphere they create. Others believe it is something a little more: the vortexes.

This film will tell the story of a fascinating woman and act as a voice for everyone with beliefs that go against the mainstream. We are so excited and blessed to be able to work with Anita Owens and hope this film can be a voice for her community and others.


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Check out this article about UNTIL ARCTURUS featured on We Are Moving Stories. #WeAreMovingStories has over 50% women's participation and nearly 200,000 page views! 


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